Record Labels
13 Music Records
20 Music
22G Music
3 Music
3B UK Muzik
47 Studios
5 River Production
62 West Studio
62West Studio
6ix Records
Aaho Music
Aara Records
AIM Punjabi
Ak47 Records
Akash Narwal Music
Amar Audio
Ambarsar Productions
Ampliify Times
Anahad Foundation
Arko Pravo
Arsara Music
Art Attack
Awakening Music
Axe India
Badnam Group
Bamb Beats
Bang Bang Music
Banwait Music
Batth Records
BB Ki Vines
Beat Records
Being King Music
Beyond Records
Big Bad Bro Studioz
Big Records
Big Sound
Black Notes Music
Blue Sea Records
Brand B
Brown Box Muzic
Brown Boys Records
Brown Town Music
C Company
Cali Records
Catalyst Records
Challa Kamboz
Collab Creations
Crown Records
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